May 20, 2024


Gate Way to Knowledge

Northern University Library (NUB), established in 2002, is the heart of the university. The University Library offers its users a full range of information and enquiry services with the help of state-of-state techniques and technologies. The library’s mission is to enable and enrich the teaching, learning and research endeavors of the university by delivering flexible access to relevant information resources and providing quality services and facilities.

NUB Library-Services is managed with an Open Source Integrated Library System Software. It is enriched with various modules including ‘Web based library database search’, ‘Navigation from distant work-stations’, ‘Book reservation and renewal through user interface of Library Web’,  ‘Login facility to know status of patrons on their own’, ‘Auto email alert services’. Library resources are systematically arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. Library team is dedicated to evolve new technologies and enchanting ways of services to provide patrons.

Library collection is enriched with various information resources on Business, Management, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electronic and Communication Engineering, Textile Engineering, English Language and Literature, Sociology, Pharmacy, Public Health, law etc.

Printed Resources :  Over 97,413 books of 5506 titles, 534 audio visual materials, 4,500 theses and project reports among which 1,553 are Master’s theses, 927 printed journals.

Library website have been augmented with useful links like JSTOR, Research4life (HINARI, AGORA, OARE, ARDI), Regional Journals Online etc. Through these online databases library patrons were succeed to enter thousands of free full text e-resources i.e. articles, book chapters, books etc.

E – Journals     :  More than 25,793 full text e-journals through Research4life, ELibraryUSA and  BanglaJol.

E – Books         :  More than 30,000 full text e-books through Research4life, ELibraryUSA and NUB E-Repository.

NUB has four Faculty Libraries. Among them four are in Dhaka. Subject coverage of four faculty libraries is as follows:

  1. i) LID, Faculty of Science and Engineering covers library resources on Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electronic and Communication Engineering, Textile Engineering, Public Health.
  2. ii) LID, Faculty of Law Arts and Humanities contains library resources on Law English Language and Literature.
  3. iii) LID, Faculty of Business is enriched with library resources on Business Administration.
  4. iv) LID, Faculty of Health Science contains resources on Pharmacy.

All libraries maintain different service areas to ensure user friendly environment, like Silent Study Area, Group Study Area, Teachers’ Corner, Newspaper Corner, Journal Corner, Reference Corner etc. The Wi-Fi internet connection of the library building helps the library users to access online resources easily.