June 16, 2024

Other Facilities


Learning Enhancement Program

Understanding the realistic gap that a student’s can often experience when entering their professional work arena, Northern University Bangladesh aims to provide all supplementary educational tools that are provided outside the academic curriculum such as hosting workshops, essay writing contest, project management and examination preparations that can assist students with their present studies which will aid them in their future endeavors. This service is available to all students regardless of their chosen courses or year of study.

Job Placement Service

Falling under career development, NUB operates a job placement service that assist its graduating batch with a service that help them in attaining future employment at a prospective firms by pinpointing the student’s strengths & weakness aiding in scouting potential job opportunities. This includes activities starting from scouting the job market, building a relationship with future potential head hunters, CV cultivation, arranging interviews with prospective employers to handling the academic records to ensure smooth transition into the work place.

Internship Program

The Internship Program allows students to acquaint themselves with the practical knowledge of office management and industrial attachment for a certain period which is arranged by the university. These are available in the form of attachment to an industry and other companies including banks, insurance companies and NGOs.

Higher Study Contact

For students of under-graduate programs, higher study contact provides them with stipends & guides for their master’s programs.