June 16, 2024

Learning Resources



imagesIn its pursuit in providing Higher Education that is relevant & updated, NUB intends to provide the most modern facilities not only in terms of hardware and software but is committed to continuously upgrade its facilities in order to match the rapid technological advancements the world is continuously experiencing . The computer labs at NUB are equipped with built-in multi-media connected to HP Net Server E 800 Windows NT local area network (LAN). For lab projects, each student is allocated with one computer each. The computers are connected to a host of other peripheral devices such as scanners, printers, digital cameras etc. To use internet facilities, all computers are connected to high speed broadband connection.


The hardware laboratory is equipped with every educational tool that not only promotes interest but can provide a better understanding of computer hardware and its peripherals amongst the students.8085/86 Microprocessor Trainer kits and 8033 Micro-controller kits are used in order to provide a hands-on experience when teaching students about basic hardware. Each are ably supported by Color Logic Analyzer and Patter Generator, Function Arbitrary wave generator, digital oscilloscopes, Wireless Transmitter /Receiver pairs, Data Acquisition/Switch units, TDM pulse code modulator/transmitter and demodulator/receiver and other similar essentials. Universal Robotics Trainer kits and Lego robots are actively used by the students who are also interested in robotics. While working on various projects, the students were able to develop micro-controlled arms and robots and other similar hardware items.


Laboratory has consistently been at the forefront of signal and image processing field and Engineering. The Digital Lab is a part of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. At NUB, research has been focused in the areas of nonlinear signal and image processing, multi-channel image processing, morphological filters, neural networks and image and video coding.


The Pharmacy Lab is purpose built and offers the student the chance to carry out practical applications ranging from whole person pharmacology to agonist/antagonist behavior. The NUB Lab is one of the premier University-based analytical resources for the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement and food industries.


To cope with increasing demand of proficiency in the English language, the Northern University Bangladesh offers a separate Basic English development course for the students. It is designed for the freshmen batch in the occasion of certain students may have fallen short of the given requirement but shows a higher proficiency in any other area. The course is highly intensive designed to prep the students before entering into their chosen academic area, enabling students to pursue their academic course smoothly. Alongside with such courses, a foundation course is also run throughout the year. The language program is offered to meet the demands of the current dynamic global economy that they will be face as they enter their professional fields.