July 11, 2024



NUB & NCST Collaboration

Northern University Bangladesh (NUB) and Nantong College of Science and Technology (NCST) China has an exclusive agreement for facilitating students of NUB to study at NCST with full tuition scholarship and free accommodation for the College Degree.

This special arrangement for NUB students will help the students to acquire Chinese qualification free of cost. Chinese qualifications are highly regarded in Asia countries, especially in the Chinese establishments in Bangladesh, China and regional areas such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and other countries internationally.

Facts about NCST
  • Founded in 1945;
  • Nantong College of Science and Technology (NCST) is a state-owned full-time institution of higher learning;
  • Within one hour economic circle of Shanghai;
  • The College has a total of over 12,000 registered students;
  • 400 plus faculty members;
  • The college now has 8 faculties and departments and 2 secondary schools on 120 acres of land;
  • The faculties and departments are:
    • Faculty of Bio-engineering, Faculty of Landscape horticulture, Faculty of Environment & Resources, Faculty of Electromechanical Engineering, Faculty of Economy, Trade & Management, Faculty of Information Engineering, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Public Courses Teaching, Tianying International Education School and School of Continuing Education;
  • The College now operates 42 programs.
Details About 1+2 Program
  • It is a 1 + 2 program that means 1 year in Bangladesh (Chinese Language HSK 4 and 1st year courses) and rest 02 years in China for major courses.
  • 100% scholarship on tuition fees and accommodation.
  • You only pay for food
  • It’s a College Diploma (called associate degree in USA) leading to 02 years Bachelor Degree (Hons) that can be completed in any other Chinese University or 01 year in Northern University Bangladesh.
  • Opportunities: PR (Permanent Residency) in China after the completion of the college diploma and highly paid jobs in Bangladesh, China and Internationally.
  • Program Collaboration: Computer (EEE and CSE students can apply), Pharmaceutical & Biological Technology, Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance, e-commerce, Electromechanical Integration Technology.
  • However, the students can change the subject once they go to NCST.
Details About 0+3 Program
  • Students of Fall, Spring semester, Summer semester can avail the opportunity.
  • Last date of Registration: 31 May each year.
  • Package includes Registration, Processing fee, Ticket, Visa fee.
  • Nantong College of Science and Technology (NCST), China has an agreement with NUB to provide full Chinese Govt. Scholarships (Tuition Fee & Accommodation) to 100 students every year.
  • NCST is offering an attractive 3-year Associate degree along with 1-year free Chinese language course.
  • After completion of the 3-year degree, graduates get job confirmation & permanent residency in China (The 2nd largest economy in the world after USA) as well as high paying jobs in Bangladesh, USA, Europe etc.
  • For O-Level/ A- Level Students: Minimum 7 Subjects with 4B & 3C
  • For SSC & HSC: Minimum 2.5 CGPA
  1. 1. Pharmaceutical & Biological Technology
  2. 2. Computer Science
  3. 3. SoftwareTechnology
  4. 4. Marketing
  5. 5. Accounting
  6. 6. E-commerce
  7. 7. Vehicle inspection and Maintenance technology
  8. 8. Electromechanical Integration Technology

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